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I have always been amazed by pictures of nebulas.  I frequently utilize the form of nebula type creations to express my depiction of holidays, people, myths and elements of the natural world.  This category is devoted to my exploration of the cosmos and the interplay of water colored by ink, watercolor paint, pastels and  Lemiere  metallic acrylics.



This category is devoted to flora and fauna with intent to minimize my color exuberance.  But I can’t seem to curtail my flamboyant movement!
All pieces in this category are results of my love for nature.  

All paintings are available for purchase as a hi-res giclee, which can be custom printed to the size you need.  Please call for pricing.




​This series of paintings are based in the Myth, Legend or Fantasy of different cultures I have studied or lived in proximity to.  Myths are not based in the reality of ordinary life.  Instead they are the expression of extraordinary circumstances and / or extraordinary characters striving toward a goal.  I choose as my topics, characters from Classical Greek, Mythology of Oceania and the Americas.  My palette is a cacophony of color which I feel helps me  express the intensity or action of the characters or event, from a 21st Century perspective.  Eyes are of specific interest to me, as I am a firm believer in the old adage “The eyes are the mirror of the soul.”

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance"


Copyright 2003 Mary Dawson Art  ..... All work is done by brush and quill pens .... no computer generation used.

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